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Download ULTRA NORTH 55 and ULTRA NORTH 25 route GPX files.

Please have a read through the event information below which is applicable to all participants taking part in the ULTRA NORTH 55 and NORTH 25.

Event day information covers:


We have put comprehensive measures in place to minimise the risk of Coronavirus transmission.
We will continue to monitor developments related to the pandemic and will update participants if the need arises in the days before the event.


Before the event:

  • If you experience symptoms related to Covid-19 prior to the event you must not attend the event. 

  • If you are isolating due to Covid-19 related measures and this isolation period has not been completed by the event date you must not attend the event. 

  • For the purposes of track and trace, you must ensure that your contact details provided when you entered the event (on the online form) must be accurate and up to date. 

If you have any queries relating to the above prior to the event, please contact us at


Starting and finishing in Derwenthaugh Park at Swalwell Cricket Club, ULTRA NORTH 55km and 25km participants will start their tour of the region just a short distance from Newcastle. The course is a mix of trails, footpaths, parks, disused railway lines, woodland and more.  Dependent on recent weather conditions parts of the course may be muddy. 


GPX files of the route are available to download above. 



The start and finish of both distances is at: 

Swalwell Cricket Club 
Derwenthaugh Park 
NE21 6JA 

View on Google Maps.

What3Words Location: window.comet.backup



To ensure a safe event please pay particular attention to the following. We appreciate that runners like to arrive in good time and to leave extra time in case of travel delays. However we will have measures in place to ensure that the start area does not become too crowded. This may mean that you are asked to queue outside the start area for short time, whilst other runners set off. 

The start area will be entirely outside (bear this in mind alongside the likely weather conditions for the event). 

Registration will be open from 07:00hrs on Saturday 05 June for 55km participants and 09:00hrs for 25km participants however please arrive at the Start location for registration no more than 60 minutes before your start time.  Participants must register here to receive their number bib.


In order to help us manage social distancing at the start the event will have an ‘open start’ system and runners will be allocated a 10 minute ‘start window’. Timing mats will record when you cross the start line and when you cross the finish line ensuring all participants receive an accurate time. 

  • 55km participants will start between 08.00hrs and 08.30hrs 

  • 25km participants will start between 10.00hrs and 10.30hrs 

We will let you know the time of your start window in a pre race email.

Participants will start in groups of no more than 6 individuals. Any runners ‘queuing’ to start must maintain a distance of 2m from others, as per the national social distancing regulations. 

 All participants should wear a face covering from the time they arrive at the start and until they are on the start line. 


Baggage storage will be located at the start area. Baggage will be available for collection at the same drop off point bags are left. The baggage facility will be in operation from 07.00hrs for 55km participants and 09:00hrs for 25km participants.   Only one bag per participant please.

Your race number will come with a ‘bag tag’ which you must affix to your bag. Please bring your own pen/marker to complete your details on the tag. 

Bags deposited with the event team will be stored outside but undercover. Please note whilst we will make every effort to ensure all bags and belongings are stored securely, all participants leave belongings entirely at their own risk. Participant’s bags will be stored next to other bags so ensure you use hand sanitiser when dropping off and collecting your bag.


Your finish time will be recorded when you cross the timing mats at the finish. Please put on your face covering as soon as you can after crossing the finish line. Hand sanitiser will be available and food and drink, similar to the checkpoints, will be available. 

Finish medals and t-shirts will be available to collect immediately after the finish line. 

We would love to celebrate with all finishers, however we ask that all participants and spectators make their way out of the finish area as soon as they feasibly can after finishing, and please don’t be offended if asked to move on by a member of the event team.


Getting to the Swalwell Cricket Club:

By Car 

Join the A1, heading towards Metrocentre.
On the A1 (Both Directions), take Junction 73 and head towards Consett, Newcastle and Blaydon.
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit to Derwenthaugh Road/ A694.
Follow the A694 for half a mile, and the Cricket Club entrance will appear on your left-hand side.

Swalwell Cricket Club is located at postcode NE21 6JA for sat nav users.

Public Transport 

The start line is accessible by bus from Newcastle City Centre using the X45, X46 or X47 route ran by Go North East from Stand C at Eldon Square.


These services run on Saturdays regularly and it is appropriate to exit the bus at the stop on Spa Well Road, turn left and walk a short distance before turning right at the Cricket Club entrance.


There is no parking at Swalwell Cricket Club and limited parking throughout the Derwenthaugh Valley. You can choose to walk or cycle to the venue, however the easiest option would be to use the drop-off facility at the cricket club. Cars will be permitted through the one way system at the cricket club to drop participants off or get picked up.

There are car parks in the surrounding area at the following what3words locations:



Whilst they are not particularly fast, please remember that cut off times are in place for this event. The cut off times are to ensure that all participants have completed the route by 19:10.

55KM Participants 

Cut off point 1: At Checkpoint 4 at Lintzford Road, located approx. 44km from the start. Any participant who has not passed this point by 16:48 hrs will not be permitted to continue. 


Finish cut off: The final cut-off time is 19:10 at the finish line. Participants must cross the finish line before this time to receive a finishers medal and have a recorded time. 

25KM Participants 

Cut off point 1: At the 25km checkpoint at Spen Lane which is approx. 13km from the start. Any participant who has not passed this point by 12:58 hrs will not be permitted to continue. 

Finish cut off: The final cut-off time is 19:00 at the finish line. Participants must cross the finish line before this time to receive a finishers medal and have a recorded time. 



To minimise risk to participants, we will follow a strict protocol. Hand sanitiser will be available on the entry and exit to the checkpoint and must be used by all runners on entry and exit. Each checkpoint will have 2 identical stations. Only one participant will be permitted at each station at any one time. Therefore bear in mind that participants may need to queue to enter each checkpoint.


In consideration of other participants who may be going for a fast time, please do not hang around within the checkpoint. You are welcome to have a pause at the checkpoint but please do this before you enter, or after you have been through the checkpoint. 

Participants must fill their own bottle at the checkpoint. 

The following provision will be available at each checkpoint:

Drinks: Water and Cola 

Food: The following food (or similar) will be served in single portion packets 

  • Energy/Protein Bar 

  • Crisps 

  • Banana 

  • Small oranges 

  • Chocolate 

  • Sweets 

  • Small tomatoes 

Checkpoint Locations 

55KM Participants: there are four checkpoints along the route, plus the finish.

  • Checkpoint 1: will be at Hadrian's Wall Path, Newcastle Upon Tyne, approx 13km from the start. What3Words location: design.drives.puff.

  • Checkpoint 2: will be at The Keelman Pub, Newburn, approx 21km from the start. What3Words location:  castle.fully.scout.

  • Checkpoint 3: will be at Hookergate Lane, Gateshead, approx 34km from the start. What3Words location: each.cape.chap.

  • Checkpoint 4: will be at Limtzford Road, Rowlands Gill, approx 44km from the start. What3Words location: panicking.landowner.driver.

A final checkpoint will be at the finish (55km) at Swalwell Cricket Club.


25KM Participants: there is one checkpoint along the route, plus the finish.

  • Checkpoint 1: will be at Spen Lane, High Spen, approx 13km from the start. What3words location washroom.feeds.monkeys.

A final checkpoint will be at the finish (25km) at Swalwell Cricket Club.


Please note that the following mandatory kit that is required for this event:

  • A mobile phone with a fully charged battery on race day morning 

  • Debit/Credit card to enable purchases from shops if required, and use on public transport 

  • Small foil blanket or a warm layer of clothing. 

  • Water bottle/foldable cup for water 

  • Your own initial water supply and any specific fuel/food required. 

  • Suitable footwear 

  • Face mask (for use in the start and finish area)

Remember to bring this kit with you as there won’t be an opportunity to purchase any items at the event.


The ULTRA NORTH rules are listed here.


If you plan to have your own support on the route please ensure you and they adhere to all social distancing guidelines currently in place and bear in mind that specific guidelines local to the event location (Newcastle) may be different to where you live.


Vehicular medical support is provided across the course and at the finish.   However please note that due to the nature of the event participants should recognise the physical challenge and should train and prepare adequately.  If you have not been able to prepare properly please do not take part.   For much of the route participants are expected to be self-supported. 

If you have a problem that requires medical attention but you can make your way to the next checkpoint please do so.  If you (or another participant you are attending to) require medical assistance and are unable to reach the next checkpoint call Event Control – this number will be on your race number.   

If emergency medical attention is required then please call the emergency services on 999 in the first instance and then call Event Control. 

LOCATION FINDING - what3words app

As part of our efforts to locate you quickly and to get you back on track we will use a free app called what3words.  This app is available to download to your smartphone from your app store in the usual way. You can learn more about the app and how it works here but don’t worry too much about how it works – if you need to use it we will give you instructions when you call Event Control.  And of course if you choose not to use this app, we will simply use other methods to locate you and help you find you way.


  • Headphones.   It is important that participants are aware of their surroundings at all times.   If you wish to wear headphones during the event it is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of what’s going on around you.

  • Other users.   The event route is on public footways and cycleways and will be in use by others unconnected with the event.  Please give due consideration to other users to ensure that everyone can enjoy their use of the route.   As with any event and location there is a potential for undesirable characters to be present and who may choose to be a nuisance to participants.   Participants and strongly advised not to engage in any situations.   If you need to report an issue during the event, call the Race Director - you will be given the Race Director's number at registration on the day of the event.  As always, if a situation requires emergency assistance participants are advised to call the emergency services on 999 in addition to calling the race director. 

  • Public highways.   There are a few points on the route where participants are required to travel along, and cross public highways.   Some of these are busy at all times of the day.   It is extremely important that participants use footpaths and do not run on the roads.   When crossing highways always use the designated crossing points where available.  

  • Getting lost.   Whist the route will be marked throughout with event-specific markers. Although unlikely, please be aware that signage may have to be removed or changed by those unconnected with the event.   If you are unsure of the route, you are advised to wait for a following participant who may be able to assist with way finding. The GPX file of the route is available on the event website and it is advised that all participants download this to aid their progression along the route. 


All finishers who complete the event within the cut off times stated will receive a medal and event t-shirt.

We look forward to seeing you Saturday 05 June 2021. 

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