ULTRA NORTH is the North East's newest ultra marathon.






These rules apply to both the 55km and the 25km distances.


  1. Race entry – all entrants will accept the event terms and conditions. All entries are via online platform, with no entries accepted on the day of the event.

  2. All participants must carry some basic provisions and equipment with them at all times. A mobile phone (event control number on the race bib), Debit/Credit card to enable travel on public transport if required, small foil blanket, small cup for water, their own initial water supply and fuel/food required. Equipment will be checked at the start location and participants without these items will not be allowed to participate. Cash may also be helpful in the event of needing additional supplies along the route.

  3. Roads, paths and pavements – All participants are made fully aware that the event is not on closed roads or footpaths, to give priority at all times to other road and path users and when crossing roads that the Highway Code needs to be adhered to. Participants are aware that they are responsible for themselves on all crossings. Safety and courtesy are paramount in this event and any instances of unsafe or rude/abusive behaviour by participants will lead to disqualification.

  4. The winners of the challenges will be determined by the chip timing device recorded time and by no other means.

  5. Participants must be registered as themselves and not take part under any other name. Participants participating under another person’s name will lead to disqualification.

  6. Participants must wear their number bib at all times and display it visibly on their clothing.

  7. Participants must wear their allocated timing chip at all times (this is affixed to the number bib). Without a timing chip, no event time will be recorded.

  8. Participants are responsible for navigating the route themselves. No time adjustments will be made. It is recommended to download the event Route GPX file to assist with navigation.

  9. Participants must visit each of the Checkpoints on their route.

  10. Friends and family are not permitted to cycle alongside participants.

  11. Participants retiring from the event or not completing the event before the cut-off times will not receive a finishers medal.

  12. Participants who miss their allocated start time will be permitted to start, as long as they are able to start before 10.30hrs. Any later starts will not be permitted and a DNS will be recorded by their name in the results. Please be aware that with any later starts, the cut off times still apply and a late start may risk the participant’s ability to finish the route within the cut off times. 

  13. Please do not leave valuables in your baggage. The organisers will not be responsible for any items lost or stolen from baggage left with the event team.

  14. Sustainable policy – there is a zero-tolerance policy on littering on the route. Any participant seen littering will be disqualified with immediate effect. The use of plastic cups at Checkpoints is not permitted. All participants need to purchase their own re-usable, collapsible cup prior to entry. Particular attention is needed to be given to the tops of energy gel sachets – the organisers only permit the use of gel sachets that have non-detachable tops (eg Clif).

  15. Self-supported event – Participants understand that this a self-supported event. Some provisions are provided at the Checkpoints, but these should be used as a back-up and not the only source of required provisions.

  16. Pacers are not permitted in ULTRA NORTH. It is permitted to walk/run with others however, all participants on the course must be registered as participants.

  17. Retire from event - Participants wishing to retire from the event must inform a marshal at a Checkpoint or call the event control telephone number to register their withdrawal from the event.

  18. Emergency procedure – there is a detailed medical procedure for the participants to follow, detailed in the Event Guide and explained in the pre-event briefing.

  19. All participants must wear appropriate attire and footwear.

  20. All participants, by entering the event agree to permit use of their image in film and photography, as per the event terms and conditions.

  21. The cut-off times are strictly observed. The timing of the cut offs will be deemed from the official’s time recording and not any other device. Any participants passing these points later than the cut off times will not be permitted to continue and must hand over their race bib.

  22. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any participant for rule violations. The Event Director’s decision is final and cannot be challenged. Any disqualifications will result in a DQ by the participant’s name on the official results. Disqualifications will result in the participant not receiving a finisher’s medal.

  23. All participants must make themselves familiar with and adhere to any and all COVID-19 regulations in place within the event locality at the time of the event.

  24. The organisers reserve the right to amend, change or add to the Event Rules at any point