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Download Your Ultra North Training Plan

Prepare for your ultra event with one of these training plans, written by Paul Wilson, a UESCA ultrarunning coach and UKA Leader in running fitness.

Paul has completed over fifty ultramarathons and running challenges, ranging from 5k Vertical Kilometre race, mountain races, 100mile track races, backyard ultras to the 268 mile Spine Race which he completed twice. He’s also a five-time Lakeland 100 finisher.

He believes that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary feats, and that living an active lifestyle can transform your life. By following his training plan and making the most of the time you have available you will be able to achieve your goals for the 25km or 55km Ultra North distance.

For a more bespoke training plan, don't hesitate to get in touch with Paul via his website here.


25km Trail - Targeted towards new trail runners, or long distance road runners looking for a new challenge, this 12 week step by step training plan will help build up to completing a 25km distance.

55km Ultra - Targeted towards those with some experience of long distance running already, this 16 week step by step training plan to help work your way to completing a 55km distance.

Download your plan below and start training.

If you haven't signed up to take part in Ultra North on Saturday 15 July, there is still time.

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